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Program functions
  • TopTurnier, min. V5.5
  • Local network between the used PCs (TCP/IP)
  • from 5 PCs/Checkins: Use a separate computer doing nothing else than storing the competition data
  • ab 10 PCs/Checkins: Use a server computer (file server with Linux- or Windows-Server-OS)
  • Network functions are built-in into each TopTurnier
  • Have coherent event data despite of several scrutineers
  • Store event data on any computer and access data from each computer
  • Automatic protection against simultaneous access for all tournament dates
  • Store diploma and startnumber templates in the network and have reading access from all computers
  • Chat function for information exchange (set-up in options->online)
  • Warning using IP address or nickname (options->online) when trying simultaneous access
Short description for network mode
  • Install TopTurnier locally on each PC
  • Permit access to everybody in the local network (incl. right to write!) for the event data folder on one computer
  • Connect network drive letter with the network event data folder on each PC
  • Set the event folder to the network drive within TopTurnier path options
  • Just open the competition file. Now all PCs can work together on the data.

last updated: 20.09.2011 sr