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Certain knowledge of the present couples
Start number from the printer
No long info chain any more from competition check-in to the scrutineering office

The TopCheckin module of TopTurnier

  • TopTurnier, min. V5.5
  • Local network between the used PCs (TCP/IP)
  • Comfortable search function for participants
  • Use Barcode scanners to search for MINs from WDSF ID cards (e.g. with barcode scanners from MANHATTAN)
  • Check-in and unsubscription of participants possible
  • Print freely configurable start numbers directly at the check-in desk or from TopTurnier
  • Check-in with or without start number print-out
  • Participants which did not check-in will be removed automatically from startlist when starting the competition
  • Linked to WDSF DB for proving start allowance or age group/division (function enabled after 2013-Mar-31)
  • Overview of the present and missing participants at any time
  • Print start fee receipt for checked-in participants
  • Print helpful lists at the check-in desk, e.g. startlist with results
Free for TopTurnier users. TopMonitor is included in TopTurnier NADB from version 5.5.

last updated: 21.12.2012 sr