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The "Digital Adjudicators Sheet (DAS)".

Technical Data
Applications (competition types) DAS on Pocket PC: Couples and Formations (cross-marks and final marking)
DAS on Android: Couples, Teams and Formations (cross-marks, team points, formation points 4*1-10, and final marking)
Max. couples in the first round 1000 couples
Max. couples per heat 20 couples
Max. number of remembering points
per couple in the prel. rounds
2 remembering dots
Max. couples in the final round 8 couples
Wireless DAS
Transmission technology connected by wireless LAN, all devices are addressed simultaneously
Transmisstion of round data from the PC to the sheet <1 minute for all DAS (simultaneous transmission)
Transmission of round data from the sheet to the PC For data backup reasons regularly during the round. At the end of the round
all marks data is available directly at the end of the last dance.
Battery life without recharging approx. 13 hours (Android devices) / approx. 8 hours (PocketPC devices)
Battery life with recharging in competition breaks whole competition day
The wireless DAS can be borrowed (together with staff only). You need one sheet per adjudicator plus min. one for reserve.
For dance sport federations and clubs with regular big competitions purchase of the PDA software is possible.

last updated: 8.08.2014 sr