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TopTurnier Short description
TopTurnier is tested and approved for dance competitions of NADB, NVAD and WDSF. It is managing all scrutineering jobs before, while and after a competition, e.g. alphabetic sorting of the startlist, calculating the results, printing of all reports and doing exports for internet.

TopTurnier is very flexible concerning the input of class names, competition forms etc. So you don't need to buy immediately a new version after changes of NADB rules. If a changed rule is not possible to manage with TopTurnier we will implement it into a new version as fast as possible. And with the purchase of TopTurnier you get a 12 months update service (12 months updates by download).

Important milestones in the development history of TopTurnier
Since May 2001 Digital Adjudicators Sheets are available. With this technique you can reduce calculation break to nearly zero time and you can avoid all summation and typing errors.

Since July 2003 it is possible to work within local area network with multiple PCs on the same data. For big competitions a computer assisted Checkin is available (please ask for it).

To reduce the amount of work with competition entries TopTurnier is having it's own online entry system for TopTurnier users since May 2005. With this system the couples can register online to your competitions and after registration deadline you easily import all starters with a few mouse clicks.

In March 2006 the next generation of Digital Adjudicators Sheets was introduced at the German Championships Latin. These devices transmit the data via wireless connection. The marks of a round are available directly to the end of the round. In finals the marking is transmitted after each dance.

Version 6.5 introduced TopMonitor and TopProjector in June 2008 (only by request). With Version 7.0 it became free for all TopTurnier-WDSF users. With TopMonitor one can show informations like qualified starters, heat lists, and results on monitors in the hall/lobby/dressing rooms. With TopProjector it is possible to show many helpful informations like e.g. the qualified starters, heat lists, final marking and price presentations via projector on the wall within the hall.

With version 7.0 a start fee manager and the TopTurnier-TabletServer were introduced in summer 2011. The TabletServer provides a web service in a local wireless network, which allows the compere/master of ceremony to receive all important competition information on a tablet pc/webpad to any time.

In January 2012 the next generation of Digital Adjudicators Sheets, based on Android devices, was introduced at the Goldstadtpokal (Pforzheim, Germany). With this generation the rating will be entered by finger touch. Using the new "PIN mode" the judges can now use each device requesting their data by entering their PIN code.

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