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Program functions
Info service for the hall
Project all important info on to the wall
Fonts and colors configurable

The TopProjector module of TopTurnier

  • TopTurnier from v6.5
  • PC/Laptop with possibility to extend screen
    (int. screen 1: min. 1024x768, ext. screen 2: min. 800x600)
  • Projector with min. 800x600px, aspect ratio 4:3/16:9/16:10
  • TopProjector has an integrated control window on the internal screen, so that even without looking at the projection screen it is clear what is shown
  • Projection control is done in the background. Change of the projection content is only done by explicit command
  • Presentation of: Qualified, eliminated, heat lists, final marks, results of single final dances, price presentation, advertising images, recent dance, recent couple (at solo dances), black screen, event title, info text, video (experimentally)
  • Colors, fonts and graphics can be configured
  • Screen background can be an embedded graphic
  • Show country flags on selectable projections (from V7.3)
  • PC controlling the projector can be placed in the network
Free for TopTurnier users. TopProjector is included in TopTurnier NADB from version 6.5.

last updated: 21.12.2012 sr