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Frequently Asked Questions
Having large start fields heats have to be non-rotating. From the "96-round" the selection of all heats shall be random and rotating. How can I do this with TopTurnier?
TopTurnier is doing this automatically correct.

There is a missing number in our set of start number. Can I skip a number, when entering starters?
In TopTurnier it is possible to give each starter an indiviual, freely selected number. You can just skip the missing number. Alternatively you can use numbers printed on paper instead your number set. TopTurnier is able to print numbers with your own layout (incl. sponsor logo) as complete set or single numbers.

Before we started the competition class we waited for one couple. It seemed not to come anymore. We switched its status to "missing" but after the first dance it did come and wanted to dance. Heat list and adjudicators sheets were already printed. How can we include the couple into this class?
This is no problem. Please change the status to "present". The competition part of TopTurnier synchronizes the data automatically (please close the competition part of TopTurnier for this process).
You don't need to print heat list and adjudicators sheets again. Perhaps you like to print the qualified couples again to give the corrected version to the compere/master of ceremony.
Please tell the adjudicators to add the couple to their sheets and tell the couple to always dance in the last heat. Entering the marks into the input mask of TopTurnier, please take care about the changed order of numbers.

We have some maried couples participating in our competition. We don't like to print them like usual in the startlist (Partner / Lady). Is it possible to print them like James and Mary Miller?
Yes, just enter these couples in the upper way into the couple field (max. 100 characters). TopTurnier will suppress "/" when printing these couples.

We use a slow computer with a slow printer. Can we speed up the print-outs?
Open the configuration window of your printer driver within TopTurnier. In there, you can reduce the resolution (acceptable text quality is possible with 150 dpi). If you halve the resolution, the amount of data to be processed is divided by four.
If you use inkjet printers you can further speed up printing by switching off the paper border line.

last updated: 20.09.2011 sr