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Program functions
Info service for lobby and dressing room
Automatic presentation of heat lists
Freely configurable colors

The MonitorServer module of TopTurnier

  • TopTurnier from V7.0
  • PCs for the monitor view within network
  • Networking of multiple PCs (TCP/IP, UDP)
  • For presentation only a device (Screen, Tablet, PC, MiniPC) with webbrowser is needed.
  • The MonitorServer controlls all available monitors within network
  • Presentation of: Qualified starters, heat lists, temp. result after selectable dances in the final, result of final, advertising images/photos, event title, schedule
  • The heat list presentation can be automized (remotely controlled by the respective competition state)
  • Monitor service is a web service, all list layout colors are freely configurable by CSS
  • Present data full screen or in up to 3 columns (optimal for FullHD 16:9 screens)
Free for TopTurnier users. TopMonitor is included in TopTurnier WDSF from version 7.0.

last updated: 25.02.2019 sr