TopTurnier License Regulations
1) License
Stephan Rath Software grants the purchaser a non-exclusive right to use the software contained in the TopTurnier package. The right of use is generally limited to a maximum of two individual computers. The software may be installed on several computers of the purchaser if it is ensured that only a maximum of two copies of the software are used at any one time.
In scenarios where TopTurnier is used on more than two computers at the same time, an extended license can be granted on request. Please contact us for this.

The right of use is limited to events and their preparation and post-processing for which the purchaser (club, dance school, company or federation/association) acts as organizer or host.

If the purchaser is an individual, the right of use is limited to those events at which the purchaser has been appointed as the official compere, assessor or scrutineer.

If the license was issued for one event, the right of use is limited to this one event.

In some federations/associations, TopTurnier is offered exclusively as a 365-day license (TopTurnier-365). This means that the license issued to the licensee (club, dance school, federation/association, company, individual) allows use for exactly one year. If the license is not renewed after this period, the right of use expires.
The above conditions of use for clubs, dance schools, companies or federations/associations or for individuals also apply to TopTurnier-365.

No personal licenses are issued for the above-mentioned editions.
In case of license abuse Stephan Rath Software reserves the right not to activate requested events.

2) Copyright
The software is the property of Stephan Rath Software and is protected by copyright laws and other legal provisions. The copyright notices, serial numbers and purchaser identifications stored in the software may not be changed.

3) Transferability
The purchaser has a personal right of use. It cannot be transferred to third parties. Resale is not permitted.

4) Further restrictions
The purchaser may neither rent nor lend the software. Decompiling, disassembling and modifying the software is not permitted.

5) Liability
The software has been checked for correctness according to the state of the art. Stephan Rath Software shall not be liable for any damage or consequential damage caused by the use of the software, even if Stephan Rath Software has been informed of the possibility of such damage. In any case, the liability of Stephan Rath Software shall be limited to the amount actually paid by the purchaser for the use of the software. This exclusion shall not apply to damage caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of Stephan Rath Software. No guarantee is given for the correctness of the contents of the manual, help system or other descriptions. As errors cannot be completely avoided despite all efforts, Stephan Rath Software is always grateful for information and suggestions for improvement.

Status: 2024-Jan-01

This translation of the license regulations has been prepared for ease of understanding only and is not legally binding. The German version of license regulations applies.