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Frequently Asked Questions
There is a missing number in our set of start number. Can I skip a number, when entering starters?
In TopTurnier it is possible to give each starter an indiviual, freely selected number. You can just skip the missing number. Alternatively you can use numbers printed on paper instead your number set. TopTurnier is able to print numbers with your own layout (incl. sponsor logo) as complete set or single numbers.

We use a slow computer with a slow printer. Can we speed up the print-outs?
Open the configuration window of your printer driver within TopTurnier. In there, you can reduce the resolution (acceptable text quality is possible with 150 dpi). If you halve the resolution, the amount of data to be processed is divided by four.
If you use inkjet printers you can further speed up printing by switching off the paper border line.

last updated: 7.11.2011 sr